It is difficult to talk about oneself, for me it is complicated, I was born in a small village in the north of Spain, since very young photography and art have always attracted me, I grew up seeing and reading books and works of great artists, Cartier-Bresson, Adams, magnificent impressionist painters, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir.......

I guess my lack of skill with painting is what has led me to do my work as I present it today, careful editions of my photographs, always trying to do it with a very personal style, where I want the viewer to interact with them.

I always work with my own images and usually combine two or three of them. Sometimes I create resources with brushes, textures or actions. In most of my works I include people because I consider the human being to be a fundamental part of the environment in which we live.

My creative editions are the result of what goes through my mind, I like to define myself as a "dream catcher", just as with photography time stops, that moment is kept forever, I try to transmit what goes through my mind and capture it, "catch that dream or illusion" forever.

Until mid 2018 I didn't show my work online, I only did it for myself and for some friends who saw it, it was then, encouraged by some of them when, in mid 2018, I took the decision to participate in an online gallery and show my work.

After this, seeing that some of my work was appreciated by other artists and the public, I made the decision to participate in some contests and create this page.
My work has been awarded already in the first year by being selected by the online gallery PHOTOGRAPHIZE as one of their "Featured Artist". Or "Circle Foundation for the Arts", like "Featured Artist". I'm also a member of the IBWPA (International Black and white photograpy Association)

Usually PHOTOGRAPHIZE published my works, both in their usual ISSUE and in PHOTOGRAPHIZE MONOCROME, also the magazines "Shades of Grey" have published my works "EYE Photomagazine", "FEM Fine EYE Magazine", "El Hurgador" [Art on the Net], Dodho Magazine "Color Moods by Gus", "Carrete Digital" or "Potassium K".

In the year 2019 I have started to be invited to participate in several exhibitions, and I am still invited, for 2020, I already have some concrete ones.

Also in 2019, I decided to start participating in the big international competitions and my work has been rewarded with more than 30 prizes in the first year I have been presented.